CARO Workshop 2024

Driving Back the Shadows: Connecting Research to Action


May 1-3, 2024

Washington D.C., USA


Hosted by Cyber Threat Alliance



CARO Workshop 2024

Driving Back the Shadows: Connecting Research to Action


May 1-3, 2024

Washington D.C., USA


Hosted by Cyber Threat Alliance


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Why CARO Workshop

CARO Workshop 2024 offers two full days of learning and networking opportunities with industry researchers and experts discussing the most important concerns and emerging threats related to the cyber landscape.

Hear presentations from leading security industry experts giving you the opportunity to learn about technologies, emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and new research. Attending will help ensure your finger stays on the pulse of the cyber threat landscape. You will have thought-provoking discussions exploring the key issues in the cyber industry. You will gain valuable insights on research and protection capabilities on cyberattacks, artificial intelligence, machine learning, adversarial tactics, and more. You will get to engage in conversations that explore the bigger picture of cybersecurity directly effecting our future.

Network with cybersecurity professionals from around the world. Exchange ideas, build new relationships, establish new professional and personal contacts. The cyber industry is built on trust and CARO Workshop gives you the opportunity to establish that trust with key industry experts face-to-face. Attending will help you keep you uptodate on the key issues, insights and people across the cyber industry.

We can’t wait to see you there!

  • As a dedicated participant, I can attest that the CARO Workshop consistently exceeds expectations, revealing cutting-edge perspectives on cyberthreats found nowhere else.

    Andreas Clementi

  • One of the most technical security conferences you should not miss!

    Eddy Willems

    G DATA
  • Security researchers need a safe corner where they can share information and discuss even the most sensitive subjects in a trusted environment. The CARO Workshop has been providing it since its inception in 2007.

    Gabor Szappanos

  • The CARO workshop delivers true technical content and really open sharing like no other event in a friendly environment.

    Kurt Natvig

  • CARO Workshop is one of a kind, a place where the world’s cybersecurity guardians unite to outsmart threats and protect the digital realm.

    Luis Corrons

    Gen Digital
  • Shadows or not! CARO is always an enlightening conference with research from some of the brightest minds in the industry.

    Peter Kruse

    SIE Europe
  • The CARO conference is one of the best places you can go for information that is completely devoid of marketing fluff and loaded with up to the minute technical insight. I can’t recommend it highly enough for folks who want a chance to sit and talk with the speakers, or the highly-skilled audience. If you want to meet researchers, or just listen to the latest content, this is the place to be.

    Richard Ford

  • Year after year, the CARO Workshop provides unique technical intel into cyberthreats that is not disclosed elsewhere.

    Righard Zwienenberg

  • The CARO workshop is one of the very best sources of tech info each year. Every time, I learn things.

    Roger Thompson

  • Thankfully, the CARO Workshop remains a refuge for core technical research work presented by cybersecurity threat lab researchers.

    Samir Mody


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